Poker Fun Run

Saturday - Sun & Surf Poker Fun RUN
Courtesy of the Abate of WA, Lewis Co. Chapter
             There will be prizes awarded (high hand and low hand)    


You must have a wristband to partipate in the
Poker Fun Run

Saturday Fun Run - Starts at the Southwestern Washington Fair and Expo Center, signup at the Fun Run table. Information about the Fun Run, the stops and the finish time will be given to the participants when they sign up.

  High Hands will be ranked in order

1.   Royal Flush 6.  Straight
2.   Straight Flush 7.  Three of a Kind
3.   Four of a Kind  8.  Two Pair
4.   Full House 9.   Pair
5.   Flush   10. High Card

      Low Hand Rules

      Straights and Flushes do not count as combinations.

            Aces count as low, below the twos.