Vendor Set up begins Thursday at 12:00 noon and must be completed no later than Friday at 10:00 AM    You will be assigned a vendor space as soon as you arrive and we will do all we can to help you get in place. 


Vendor Area Space -  10' Wide X 12' Deep - $200.00 per space for all 3 days at the at the Southwest Washington Fair and Expo! This is one of the best deals you will find at an event of this size.  We get lots of foot traffic from the bikers, tourists  and people coming to see all the motorcycles. Last year (2015) our foot traffic was estimated at well over 5,000

 After you fill out the vendor application I will prepare your contract and send it to you through the mail/email.  We understand that you are all small business owners and we want to help you to succeed but we cannot allow you to misrepresent yourselves or your products to us or to the public, so please make sure that you tell us exactly what you are bringing to this event in your booth. Deadline for Vendor Registration (signed contract, business license and check etc) is July 7, 2016 , after that date the reserved vendor space will be given to another vendor.

VENDOR REGISTRATION WILL ONLY OCCUR AFTER WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR COMPLETE VENDOR PACKAGE, - Payment in full,  a copy of your Business License from the WA Department of Revenue.  Food vendors will have to send us a copy of their food permit from Lewis County and your insurance policy.  If you are an out of state business or traveling vendor you will have to have a temporary or seasonal Permit you will find complete information at this website.

We will reply when your check has cleared and let you know you have been confirmed as a vendor and your vendor space number.  We reserve the right to turn down vendors if we already have too many in that area, such as food vendors, leather vendors etc. 

Warning: You may not use the names Sun and Surf / Sun and Surf Run / Sun and Surf Motorcycle Run/ Sun and Surf Motorcycle Event/ Sun and Surf Event / (in any form) or our logo on any of your printed items of clothing such as T-shirts, jackets and vests, patches, rockers, key chains, posters, pins, etc., without written permission. If you do so you will be in violation of copyright and trademark laws, will be asked to leave, your items will be confiscated and no restitution of your vendor fee.

You may begin setting up Friday Morning, July 29 and you must complete set up by  Friday Noon or your merchandise will have to be hand trucked in, vehicles will not be permitted after that time.

<<<<Click this link to fill out the Vendor Application>>>>

If you do not have a website please write NA in that line on the form- thank you!

Read the following before applying for an application please.

  • Deadline for vendor registration is July 7. Vendor Registration will be returned to sender after the deadline date unless other arrangements are made.  June 23 is the latest date you can cancel and receive a refund for your vendor booth.  If you do not submit an application you will not be at this event. 
  • Anything that you yourself can make happen in regards to obtaining power is strictly up to you and whomever you can convince to help with your problem. Sun and Surf has no part in providing electricity. Bring duct tape so you can cover up any electrical cords that you provide.
  • If you are not signed up as a Leather sewing booth do not bring a sewing machine to this event (this is a very strict rule).  If you bring items that are not listed on your contract you will have to remove them from your booth or close your booth if you do not comply.  If you are not listed as a sunglass vendor do not have sunglasses in your booth, you will be asked to remove them from the booth.
  • Please bring along something to place around your generator to keep the noise to a level of sanity for your neighbors. Even a heavy cardboard box type enclosure is better than nothing, also have a fire extinguisher.
  •  If you have a need for bikes to ride up to your booth, let us know on the front side of your contract when you send your complete vendor package to us.  We can put you on the north lane near the opening.
  • If you do not have a Washington State business permit you can apply for one online. 
  • No cigar smoking machines or perfume spraying machines are allowed in the vendor area, too many people have breathing and allergy problems.
  • You will not be able to setup across the center rows (unless we have made arrangements for this or you are paying for the extra footage that you are using) booth size will be strictly enforced to be fair to all vendors.  We keep our vendor space rates low for this event and we expect the vendors to comply and not abuse us or other vendors.
  • Vendors do not receive free wristbands for the event, this is a charity event and the wristband goes to charity- please don't even ask!
  • Items must be inside the vendor booth as much as possible but if you are obstructing the booths around you, or the flow of traffic, your items will have to be moved.  This must be done to prevent accidents.
  • You are not automatically accepted just because you apply.  A contract will be sent to you by mail.  The contracts that are returned first with everything necessary plus their payment will be accepted first. We will not send you a contract if that area is filled. 
  • If you have further questions you can call the Sun and Surf Run message phone (206-953-7918) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.